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Vital Records Apostille Services NYC

Fast and Reliable Vital Records Apostille Services NYC

Do you need to use a Birth, Death, Marriage or Divorce Certificate abroad? Are you looking for reliable vital records Apostille services NYC? We, at A-DOCS, INC., are here to assist and make the whole process fast, easy, and convenient for you. 

In order for us to assist you with the Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate or Divorce Certificate Apostille, first, we will need to receive a certified copy of the document issued by a County Clerk or the State Registrar. You can order a copy of your vital record though Vital Check by simply following the instructions on the website.

Why do you need to certify any of these documents? Let’s take a look at the most common reasons. 

1. If a child was born in the USA, and parents are citizens of a foreign country, a child may be qualified for dual citizenship. The authorities in your country, embassy, or consulate in the US will require you to provide your child’s Birth Certificate Apostille in order to process an application for citizenship.

2. If you would like to register a marriage with a foreigner overseas, you will be required to submit your Birth Certificate, Divorce Decree (if you were married in the past, and then dissolved your marriage) together with a Single Status Affidavit or No Record of Marriage. Every document should be certified in order to be accepted by foreign authorities.

3. If you are required to present a proof of your name change in a foreign country, and you have changed your name at the marriage registration, the foreign authorities will require you to submit your Marriage Certificate Apostille

4. You will also be required to provide your Birth Certificate certified for international use if you decide to adopt a child abroad.

5. You will be asked to submit a Death Certificate Apostille if you desire to transport an urn or embalmed body outside of the US.

The whole process of certifying your documents for international use can be very complicated. Don’t let any mistakes to happen. Don’t risk your time and money because your important paperwork can be rejected if the process is entrusted to non-professionals. 

A-DOCS, INC. provides vital records Apostille services NYC since 2014. We guarantee that your documents will be executed properly and always delivered on time.

Keep in mind that besides certifying any of the vital records, you will also be required to present translations of the documents which you intend to use abroad. For that purpose, we offer translation services from/into more than 100 languages

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