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Greek Translation Services

Greek to English and English to Greek Translation Services

Are you looking for fast and affordable Greek translation services? Do you need to translate the document from Greek to English? Or do you have a document in English and looking to translate it into the Greek language? A-DOCS, INC. will gladly assist you with the Greek translation services. We guarantee to meet all of your requirements and timely assist you with the official and certified translation of Greek documents. We provide the following Greek translation services:

and other Greek document translations so you can use your Greek documents in the US. 

If you need to present the US issued document in Greece or in the Consulate General of Greece, we will be happy to assist you and provide the best, most affordable, and fast certified translation services from English to Greek.

Please note that if you need to present the US issued document outside of the US or in the Consulate General of Greece, we will assist you with obtaining an Apostille for that document and provide you with the most accurate and professional certified translation services.

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Since 2014, A-DOCS, INC. provides translation services from Greek to English and from English to Greek of personal statements and letters, business correspondence, technical documentation, manuals, website translation and localization, emails, and etc. We provide affordable and accurate translations in a variety of fields. For example:

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We provide Greek translation services for the New York Tri-State area, nationwide, and worldwide.

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Need to use any document in a foreign country? Need an Apostille? We are here to help!

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