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Personal Documents Apostille Services NYC

Fast and Reliable Personal Documents Apostille Services NYC

Since 2014, A-DOCS, INC. provides fast, professional, and affordable personal documents Apostille services NYC and across all 50 states for documents intended to be presented outside of the US. If you need to present such a document in a foreign country member of the Hague Apostille Convention, please contact our office today

Here are some examples of personal documents that require certification so the document can be used and recognized abroad:

Power of Attorney – the document that grants the authority to an agent to act on your behalf in a foreign country. It is used so the agent can represent your matters in any official or private organization, such as a court, for example, obtain various documents from any official or educational institution, such as the Office of Vital Records or college, sell or buy you a property, receive your money or pension.

Power of Attorney Revocation – if you would like to revoke the Power of Attorney issued in the past.

Parental Consent for International Travel of a Minor Child – used when a minor child travels abroad with only one parent or with a third party. On the border in the country where the child is a citizen, the officer will ask to present such a letter of consent from another parent or from both parents. If you fail to present such a letter, the officer will prevent a child’s departure.

Documents for Transportation of Deceased – you will need to certify the documents (such as Death Certificate) if you wish to transport an embalmed body or an urn to a foreign country. Therefore, together with other documents, you will need to present Death Certificate Apostille. 

Marriage Certificate – you will need a Marriage Certificate Apostille if you’re required to show abroad that you are legally married and/or have changed your name. You may also be required to present a certified Name Change Certificate. 

Birth Certificate – you will need to present Birth Certificate Apostille if, for example, a child was born in the US and you wish a child to obtain a citizenship of another country as well. 

Single Status Affidavit – confirms your marital status. If you plan to register a marriage with a foreign citizen overseas, then you will be required to present that document.

No Record of Marriage – confirms that you are not married to another person. If you have been married in the past, you may be required to present proof of divorce, a so-called Certified Divorce Decree.

You will need to certify any document issued in the US if you intend to use the document in a foreign country.

And keep in mind that the document also must be translated into an official language of the country where the document is meant to be used. To make things easy and convenient for our clients, we offer certified translation services from/into more than 100 languages.

If you’re looking for personal documents Apostille services NYC, our team of experts will be happy to assist you. 

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