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About Our Full-Service Translation Company NYC

A-DOCS, INC. is a full-service, professional and certified translation company NYC established in 2014. We provide a wide range of services, such as: 

Our translation company NYC provides certified translation services from/into more than 100 languages at a very reasonable price. Our translations are accepted by all Federal and private organizations, including the USCIS

Our interpreters will gladly assist you during asylum interviews, medical appointments, court hearing, or business meetings. We provide only professional and accurate interpreting services.

We provide legalization and Apostille services for corporate clients and individuals who need to use the US issued documents abroad.

If you need to turn an audio file into a text transcription, you’re at the right place! Our translation company provides accurate and affordable audio transcription services.

If you need to notarize a document, we have on-site Notary Public available, and we also offer Mobile Notary Public services if you can’t come to our office in person. We offer notary services that are convenient for you!

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For many years, we are committed to serve our clients and deliver the best quality services statewide and nationwide! 

A-DOCS, INC. is The Best and the only translation company NYC to satisfy all of your linguistic needs.

Best Translation Company NYC since 2014

5 Reasons to Order Translation Services from US

1. Super Fast Turnaround

We truly value your time. Most documents and certificates (Birth, Marriage, Death, etc.) are completed in ONLY 1 business day. We always meet your deadline and do our best to deliver completed projects even earlier. We work fast while the translation quality remains on Top. Our translation company NYC always provide what our clients expect!

2. The Best Quality Certified Translation Services

Professional translation is one of the major keys to success in every case. All our certified translations are accepted by all Federal and private institutions. We ALWAYS comply with the original format of the document. And YES, we are confident that we provide THE BEST quality certified translations services.

3. Affordable Prices

We are confident that our prices are the most competitive, and we pride ourselves on having the best value in the industry. Request your FREE quote now and received it within minutes!

4. 100% Human Translations

Our translators NEVER use automated translation services such as, for example, Google Translate. We guarantee that all translations are done by humans ONLY. We strongly believe that machine translations will never replace human translators. 

Translate – Proofread – Deliver. That’s how it’s done.  

5. We are Easy to Work With

We make our workflow easy as 1, 2, 3 – very simple and convenient! Not every translation company NYC can offer that.

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Send Us Your Document

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Make a Payment

We accept ALL major credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal

We Translate

Most of the documents are translated in ONLY 1 business day


We email you a soft copy in PDF and mail the original, certified translation via the USPS at NO COST to you

You don’t have to visit our translation company NYC physically. But you’re always welcome if you would like to meet us in person!

Best Apostille Services NYC since 2014

Need an Apostille? Order it from Us

Fast, Reliable, Affordable, and Confidential Apostille Services

Since 2014, our translation company NYC also provides Apostille services in New York, statewide, and across ALL 50 states. We provide fast, reliable, yet affordable Apostille services for ANY documents you intend to use in a foreign country. To this date, we already processed thousands of documents for international use and assisted numerous corporate clients and individuals with authentication of various documents and certificates (Vital RecordsBusiness DocumentsEducational Documents, etc.) We earned the trust of thousands of people who are now our return customers, and we will be delighted to see YOU among them!

Best Interpreting Services NYC since 2014

Need an Interpreter? We've Got You Covered!

Interpreting Services for Asylum Interviews, Court Hearing, Medical Appointments, Business Meetings

Do you have an upcoming asylum interview and need an immigration interpreting services? We guarantee that our interpreting services are approved by the USCIS! Or do you need an interpreter for the court hearing, medical appointment, or business meeting? A-DOCS, INC., translation company NYC, provides affordable and professional over the phone and in-person interpreting services. We have a team of qualified and professional linguists who are fluent in both the source and target languages.  We offer only professional and accurate interpreting services that our clients can count on!

Best Audio Transcription Services NYC since 2014

Need to Turn Audio File into Text? No Problem!

Audio Transcription Services. Done by Humans ONLY!

Do you need to turn any of your audio files into text? A-DOCS, INC., translation company NYC, will gladly assist you with that task! We provide audio transcription services at a very compatible rate. We never use any automated audio transcription programs. Our audio transcription services are provided only by humans to ensure accuracy. We work with various audio files, such as educational, legal, or personal recordings. And we’re committed and guarantee to deliver the most accurate and affordable audio transcription within the time frame set by you.

We accept most of the audio formats. Don’t look any further if you need fast and affordable audio transcription services. Contact us now and let the professionals do the job! We offer only the best audio transcription services to our clients.

Best Notary Services NYC since 2014

Need Notary Services? We Are Here to Assist!

Notary Public and Mobile Notary Services

A-DOCS, INC. provides on-premises Notary services and Mobile Notary services. If you need to notarize a document and looking for notary services, please come and see us in person during our normal business hours. However, we always recommend to call our office first at (718) 730-4343 and make an appointment, so you don’t have to wait in line for our notary services.

If for any reason, you can’t come to our Notary Public office in Brooklyn, we will come to a place of your choice to notarize your document. Please call our office at (718) 730-4343 to schedule an appointment with our Mobile Notary Public and/or Apostille Agent.

We always strive to make things easy and convenient for you!

Disclaimer:  We do not provide any legal advice or create any forms. If you need a legal advice, please consult with an attorney. Thank you  

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