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Marriage Certificate Apostille Services

What is a Marriage Certificate?

A marriage certificate is a very official record that a couple registered their marriage. It is issued by the government official after the marriage civil registration. In other words, a marriage certificate is the official confirmation of the marriage registration.

Why You May Need Marriage Certificate Apostille Services?

If you need to present a marriage certificate in the Embassy or Consulate of the foreign country or overseas, you will need to look for reliable marriage certificate Apostille services, so the document can be recognized by foreign authorities. If, for example, you need to confirm your marriage or name change abroad, you will need to present your marriage  certificate Apostille. It is very important to entrust the preparation of that important document for international use to a reliable company that provides marriage certificate Apostille services, such as A-DOCS, INC.

What is an Apostille?

Apostille is a French word for certification. It is a certificate issued for the document, so it becomes valid abroad. On October 5, 1961, a number of countries created an easy method to legalize documents for international use. Those countries are referred to as the members of the Hague Apostille Convention. According to the Convention, it is required that any document issued on the territory of one country shall be authenticated in order to be recognized and accepted in another country member of the Hague Convention.

Apostille Services

How to Obtain a Marriage Certificate Apostille?

It is important to note that the Apostille cannot be obtained for the original marriage certificate. Thus, first of all, you will need to get a certified copy of the marriage certificate. Such a copy has a number of special security features to prove that the document is authentic. A marriage certificate certified copy can have the following security features – heat-sensitive ink, a watermark, micro-printing, a raised seal, multi-colored background, etc.

If the marriage was registered in any of the five boroughs of New York City, you can obtain a marriage certificate certified copy from the Office of Vital Records online or by mail.

If the marriage was registered in New York State, you can obtain a marriage certificate certified copy from the New York Department of State online or by mail.

In case the marriage was registered in the United States, outside of New York, you will need to contact the Office of Vital Records of that particular state for further instructions on how to obtain a marriage certificate certified copy.

When you receive a marriage certificate certified copy, the next step will be to put an Apostille on it. Please contact our company for the best, accurate, and affordable marriage certificate Apostille services.

It must be pointed out that the Apostille can be issued only for those countries that are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. Non-member countries will receive a certification, and additional authentication may also be required for some countries. You can see a list of the Hague Apostille Convention member countries here.  

Marriage Certificate Apostille Translation

Please keep in mind that in order for foreign authorities to accept a marriage  certificate Apostille, you will also need to translate it into the official language of the country where the document is intended to be presented.

We are a full-service translation company, and we will gladly assist you with a marriage certificate translation. We guarantee to satisfy all of your translation needs since we have a huge network of professional linguists, and we provide marriage certificate translation services from/into almost any world-spoken language.

Obtaining a marriage certificate Apostille can be a very complicated process. Don’t entrust that important task to non-professionals because if something is done wrong, your documents will be rejected, which will cost you time, effort, and money. If you find yourself in need of a marriage certificate Apostille services, contact our office, and our knowledgeable staff will take care of everything. The only thing you will need to do is to pick up a perfectly and professionally prepared marriage certificate Apostille ready for international use.

You can also save yourself a trip to our office. We will mail your important paperwork to you upon request. We provide marriage certificate Apostille services since 2014, and we guarantee that when working with us, you don’t have to worry about anything. Your documents will be prepared in a timely manner and accepted everywhere. Don’t look any further! Our marriage certificate Apostille services are the most professional, accurate, and fast.

marriage certificate apostille services

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