Birth Certificate Translation

So, why do you need to translate your birth certificate?

Birth certificate is a very important document which required not only for immigration matters, such as applying for a green card, applying for the citizenship, but also for matters, such as sponsoring relatives, getting enrolled to any educational institution, getting married and etc. In all of those matters you will be asked for the birth certificate which should be translated from your native language.

Where can you translate your birth certificate?

You can translate your birth certificate at translation agency and notarize it there as well. However, translation agency should have a notary public for that matter. Professional translators will charge you certain amount of money and your translation will be done and meet your dead line. Besides, translated document should be certified. That means that you should ask for help certified translation agency with the notary public available. Good news, that our translation agency A-DOCS, INC. have it all.

Why do you need birth certificate translated in the USA?

If you would like to apply for the US citizenship or a green card, you will need your birth certificate translated to English language. If you are thinking to go to school or college in the USA, you will need translation of your birth certificate. Our translation agency A-DOCS, INC. have professional native speaking translators so your birth certificate will be translated to English language very fast and you will receive high quality, professional translation. Translation will be certified and the document will be notarized and of course at no additional cost. After that, you can use your birth certificate for USCIS or when you are going to school or college. And even if you not planning to do any of those now, well, you never know when you might need it so it is better to have it done now and don’t worry about it later.


Birth certificate translation