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Certified Translation VS Regular Translation

What is the Difference Between a Certified Translation, Notarized Translation, and Regular Translation

People nowadays can get confused about the difference between a certified translation and regular translation. So, what is the difference? And why may you need certified translation services? This question is often asked by those who are not familiar with translation, its specific type, and certain translation requirements.

The regular translation is pretty self-explanatory – it is a translation of any document from one language to another. But is it enough when you need to submit your translated document to a Federal or private institution, and why in most cases, you will be required to provide a certified translation? Let’s find out!

Certified Translation Services and Notarized Translation

A certified translation and notarized translation means that a person who has translated your document signed a special statement in front of a notary public, a so-called Affidavit of Accuracy, declaring that the translator is capable of translating from a source language into a target language, that the translation has been done accurately, and is a true representation of the original text.

A reputable translation agency such, as A-DOCS, INC., assign translation project that has to be certified only to their best and highly trained translators. When the translation is done, an editor will proofread it and make certain changes if needed. Only when the translation has passed all necessary checking, the translator will sign an Affidavit of Accuracy in front of a notary public. All our translations also have our official letterhead with our full address and contact information.  

The reason why Federal and legal bodies always require the translation to be certified is that a certified translation and notarized translation provides a legal record. Most likely, when you need to translate any legal document, you will be required to submit a certified translation and notarized translation.

One of the main areas where you will need such translation is immigration to the USA. Any foreign document that you want or need to submit to the US immigration services must be translated into the English language, and such translation must be certified. Why the immigration services require you to provide certified translations of your documents and why you should entrust that task to a reputable translation agency? There are a number of reasons for that:

1. They want to be sure that the translation is accurate and correct;

2. If you speak English and decided to translate the documents by yourself, the translation will be rejected because you are considered as a party of interest as a person who did the translation of your own documents;

3. They want to be sure that the translation was not forged.

And that’s why they require that the translation has to be done by a third party, with signed Affidavit of Accuracy, and bear a notary public stamp.

All of the above is proof that the translation is true and correct. Hiring a professional translation agency to translate your documents is crucial, and it’s not about saving money. It’s about doing the right thing and saving time and effort.

We proudly provide certified translation services for immigration since 2014, and we translate from more than 100+ languages.

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Another area where you will need such translation is education. Students from abroad who want to study in the US colleges and universities also need to provide a certified translation of their academic records, diplomas, and transcripts.

You will also need a certified translation of:

Legal documents for court cases;

Certificates intended for official use, such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, and divorce certificate;

– Criminal record checks;


How Much Does a Certified Translation Cost?

Normally, the translation agency will charge you per word or per page. Our translation agency never charges extra for a certified translation.

If you need to submit a notarized translation to any Federal, public, or private institution, our professional translation agency is the place to go!

A-DOCS, INC. guarantees to provide you with the best, certified translation services. We are located in Brooklyn, NY, but we work statewide and nationwide.

Since 2014, our translation agency NYC have earned the trust of thousands of corporate and private customers. We provide our clients with certified translation services and notarized translations from and into all major Asian, European, and Middle-Eastern languages including but not limited to Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, French, German, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, and many other languages.

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