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In this article, we are going to cover frequently asked questions about Certificate of Non-Impediment translation services. The most common reason why people are looking to translate the Certificate of Non-Impediment is when they are planning to get married abroad. In that case, the Certificate of Non-Impediment has to be translated into the official language of the country where you intend to present it.

What is a Certificate of Non-Impediment?

A Certificate of Non-Impediment is a very important document needed when a person is planning to get married abroad. A Certificate of Non-Impediment is a confirmation that the City Clerk’s Office has no record that would be an “impediment” to your getting a Marriage License in New York City. You can obtain that certificate in person from the City Clerk’s Office. In order for you to obtain a Certificate of Non-Impediment, you must prove that your reside within the city and you must not presently be married.  

The translation of the Certificate of Non-Impediment is way more complex than it may seem. Thus, you will need an assistance of a knowledgeable, professional, and certified linguist who is an expert in providing Certificate of Non-Impediment translation services.

What is a Certified Translation of the Certificate of Non-Impediment?

First, let’s cover what is considered a certified translation. A certified translation means that a person who has translated your document signed a special statement in front of a notary public, a so-called Affidavit of Accuracy, declaring that the translator is capable of translating from a source language into a target language, that the translation has been done accurately, and is a true representation of the original text.

Our company proudly provides Certificate of Non-Impediment translation services since 2014. When you place an order with our translation agency, you will receive a perfectly formatted and accurate translation with our official letterhead, Affidavit of Accuracy, and notarization.

Speaking of the format, we always reproduce the original format of the source document where all stamps, seals, signatures, and dashes are indicated, which is also very important.

It is worth noting that the correct name spelling is crucial because a difference in one letter makes it a completely different name, and all of the dates and numbers should be accurately indicated in the translation in order to avoid possible serious complications. 

Please keep in mind, that in order for the foreign authorities to accept the Certificate of Non-Impediment, it must bear a special certificate called an Apostille. You can read more about it here.

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How Long Does It Take to Translate a Certificate of Non-Impediment?

When you entrust a Certificate of Non-impediment translation to A-DOCS, INC., usually, it is done in ONLY 1 business day. If you need to translate the certificate from English to Russian, in most cases, the translation can be done within a couple of hours. The same applies to BelarusianPolishUkrainian, and mostly all other Slavic languages.

If you need to translate a Certificate of Non-Impediment to, for example, French, German, Italian, or Spanish, usually the translation is ready the next business day.

If you need to translate your Certificate of Non-Impediment to Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Norwegian, Turkish, or Uzbek, usually it takes us 1-2 business days to translate it. 

So, as a rule of thumb, it takes us ONLY 1 to 2 business days to complete your Certificate of Non-Impediment translation from English into any other language. Please keep in mind that we understand the importance of the deadlines, and we truly value your time. Thus, we are able to provide the same-day Certificate of Non-Impediment translation services upon your request. We guarantee to satisfy all of your translation needs since we have a huge network of professional linguists, and we provide Certificate of Non-Impediment translation services into almost any world-spoken language.

How Do I Order a Certificate of Non-Impediment Translation?

Email us a scan or picture of a Certificate of Non-Impediment. You can also use this online formYou don’t need to come to our office

Receive a FREE quote within 10 minutes

Make a payment by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer 

Translation is ready, certified and notarized

How Do I Receive a Certificate of Non-Impediment Translation?

We, at A-DOCS, INC., are very easy to work with. You can come to our office in Brooklyn, meet us in person, and pick up your translation. Or we can mail it to you via the USPS at NO additional cost. We can also provide you with the digital copy in PDF at your request. How simple and convenient is that?

As we already mentioned, we provide Certificate of Non-Impediment translation services into almost any language. You can take a look at the list of languages we translate from/to here.

If you’re looking for reliable and professional Certificate of Non-Impediment translation services, please contact us today at (718)-730-4343 or by Email: info.adocs@gmail.com and get your FREE quote for any kind of translation services you need!

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