Diploma translation

Why do you need to translate your diploma?


If you are planning to go to school or college in the USA and you was born and grew up in another country, you will have to translate your high school diploma and/or your college diploma and transcript. Some institutions require just translation and some require translation and evaluation, so this might be a little bit confusing.

What should you do first?

First of all you will need to make sure with the place where you planning to apply whether or not they require your diploma and transcript just to be translated or evaluated as well. Most likely they will require translation of your diploma and transcript to be certified and notarized. All institutions have different requirements so by making sure which requirements they have you will save yourself a lot of time and money as well.

Where can you translate your diploma and transcripts?

After you found out about all requirements of the institution where you are planning to apply, you should find certified translation agency with the notary public on site. First you will need to translate your diploma and then your transcripts. Translator who is fluent in both languages will translate your documents and then will provide you with a certified and notarized version. Good news, that A-DOCS, INC. being a certified translation agency provide clients with the certified, notarized, high-quality and professional translations at very reasonable cost.

What should you do next?

When you got your diploma and transcript translated and after you found out if your diploma and transcript should be evaluated you should ask for help the agency that provides foreign diploma evaluation services. A-DOCS, INC. provides clients with foreign diploma evaluation services and we will cover it in the next article.