Arabic Translation For Your Passport

Many people have many questions when it comes to Arabic translation, such as where can it be done and how long it takes. Also, are there any requirements that must be fulfilled beforehand? There are many different ways of having your passport translated if you are traveling to the Middle East.
Embassy Arabic Translation
One of the best places to start when it comes to Arabic translation is contacting your embassy. Some consulates will offer Arabic translation services, although it does take time. If your embassy does not offer these services, what are the other solutions?

Authorised Government Arabic Translations
Another way to find Arabic translation services, if the consulate does not offer these services, is to find an authorised government translator. These government Arabic translators are authorised to do the translation on a small slip of paper and staple it to the passport. This may not seem like a lawful thing to do, however, when there is no other choice, the government consulate will allow Arabic translation by a local translator as long as it is official, which will be noted by an official translation stamp.

Consulate Authorised Arabic Translation
This is very similar to an authorised government Arabic translation, with the exception that the consulate will direct you to the appropriate certified translator that is not a part of the embassy. They will then direct you to bring back the translation and you will receive the official stamp from the embassy itself. Following these instructions will enable you to travel into the Middle East without any problems.

American Passport English-Arabic Translation
What do you do when you are in America and you need to find Arabic translation services? Is there a place to have your passport translated in the United States? Yes. There is an Arab Chamber of Commerce in Washington. This is an officially recognised Arabic translation service for those wishing to enter the Middle East. You send your passport and other related items to this organisation and you will receive your passport in about ten days.

Items that you will need to send:
• Your Passport
• Copy of 1st page of passport
• Pre-paid addressed envelope so that the Chamber can return your
items to you
• A note requesting your passport be translated into Arabic
• Money order or company check for Ј40
You must then mail the above to your country’s Arab Chamber of Commerce.

Right now, as long as your passport includes some form of Arabic translation, it will be accepted as official. You will still need to have a business visa or a tourist visa before arriving in the Middle East as these are not for sale as of yet inside airports. Be prepared ahead of time, as this can take up to ten days for completion.