If you are planning to:

  • get prestigious work abroad
  • obtain or continue your education in a foreign institution
  • upgrade your qualifications and legalize your higher education


Then you need professional, notarized and certified translation of Diploma as well as Diploma Evaluation. A-DOCS INC Translation and Document Services team will gladly assist you to obtain such document.




A-DOCS INC has rich experience in translating educational documents for different countries and all of our translations were accepted by educational institutions. However, some colleges or universities have their own rules and demands. So if your educational institution provided you with specific requirements for translation of academic records, Diploma or its Addendum, please let us know and we will gladly comply with their requirements.



Translation of Diploma is not just a text. It is completely new document. That is why we always strive to make translated document looks like the original one, so it is more convenient for the university, college or USCIS official to compare the original text and translation provided. A-DOCS INC keeps tables, columns, location of seals in the same place as it appears in the original document.



At first, translator of A-DOCS INC compares university name, major, specialty and department with official pages of such universities and translate the entire document. Then our editor proofreads text and make changes in the literal translation with its equivalent used in the country where the educational document shall be submitted.

My primary goal is to exclude literal translation and to adapt it for the target audience. For example, if we take the educational specialty, it is better to use word  “major” rather than literal translation “focus area”. The name of discipline  “Russian History” instead of “National History” will improve the translation, because there will be no need to guess the history of which country has been studied. I made a proofreading of many translations where the word “passed” was used instead of “credit”, and students could not get their credits because of that.

The translator shall always keep in mind the target audience.  British or Americans (in fact all foreigners) will rely on their knowledge and on the format of Diplomas issued in their country. Thus, an adaptation of translated document to the target audience and the correspondence of the translated document to the original is very important.


– Victor B. Translator and Editor. English Language.

Educational systems of Russia and Germany are very different. For example, Russian grade “credit” is often translated as “bestanden”, however in German, such grade means “the lower level of admissible grade”. So in order to avoid misunderstanding (and considering recommendations of my colleagues who are native speakers of German language), I’m using the closest analog of “credit” grade – “Testat”. Russia and Germany have different meanings of scientific degrees too. But in 1999, governments of Germany and Russia announced mutual recognition of academic degrees, whereas Ph.D. shall be translated as “Doktor”, and Doctor of Science shall be translated as Dr. habil.


– Anastasia A. Translator and Editor. German Language.







Prices vary from the volume of the document to be translated and from the type of diploma evaluation needed. Translation of Diploma starts from $25 per document. The price includes:


  • a copy of the document
  • translation of diploma (or another educational document)
  • editing
  • proofreading
  • certification
  • notarization



Standard document translation is 2 business days.

Standard evaluation of diploma is 10 business days.


Translation vs. Transcreation

Translation vs. Transcreation: Which One is Suitable for your Text Material?

There are some instances where clients may ask the translator to translate a text from one language to another, but what clients really wanted is a transcreation of texts. Most people ignore the vital difference between the two, which often results in arguments and disappointments.
translate and recreate document
But what is Transcreation, anyway?

Transcreation is the process of recreating a source text to adapt it to the target audience. It’s a good contribution in the translation process, in making sure that the target text has the same standing as the source text.

Transcreation considers wider aspects than just translation to make sure the adaptation of the text is right and appropriate.

Good translation jobs simply translate meanings and cultural nuances between languages, however, when it comes to transcreation, it requires more than that. In addition, effective transcreation is linguistic art that possesses a great message and emotions that are directly speaking to their intended audience, and thus, it requires deep knowledge of the target culture and high linguistic skills.

Today, the transcreation process is most used by advertising and marketing firms, rather than legal and financial companies. Hence, transcreators are becoming an integral tool in releasing campaigns and advertising products, and services abroad. While some people are familiar with how transcreation works, perhaps other people are still surprised and not convinced of the idea of using transcreation rather than translation services.

Recently, there have been many incidents where advertisement translations were misleading or inappropriate, and which have sometimes caused cultural offensive to their target population. Thus, nowadays, most clients prefer to utilize transcreation process, instead of using translation services.

What are the vital differences between transcreation and translation services? Which is more appropriate in adapting texts and rendering message?

Through the process of transcreation, translators go beyond the words to ensure that people will not only understand the intended message of the text, but it also reflects a deep understanding of the emotion of the texts and culture of the target audience.

Both translation and transcreation are vitally significant in multilingual communications. Linguists suggest that translation is an effective strategy for legal documents, official notices, reports, and statistics information. On the other hand, transcreation is more likely influenced by the skill of copywriters, but not all transcreationists are capable of doing their job in any field, and thus, it is important that clients choose whose experience and abilities are well-linked to the type of text material that you need.

It is true that culture always influences how an audience respond to the messages rendered from one language to the target text; and if the texts are not well-adapted to the target text, they will not build trust and establish communication with the audience. Hence, when ensuring that you are communicating to the audience using the right message, using transcreation is absolutely helpful, but when the message is intended to be very formal without embellishments, direct translation is probably what you need.

Urgent Translation

One must understand that language translation is a very delicate process where meanings tend to be distorted when rushed. Yet, we often find ourselves lacking an important translated official document before the day of applying for visas or attending legal proceedings, and this is when urgent translations come into the picture.

Urgent Translation Process
Having said that, urgent translations can still be done within a short time and to a high standard. The important thing is to look for a reputable translation service provider. The average industry standard for a normal translation of 6000 words would take up to 3 to 4 days. However, when it comes to an urgent translation, it is wise to give it a 24 hours window for a quality translation. What happens behind the scene is that the project manager will take up to 2-3 professional translators to translate your document in order to meet the deadline. The document will be split into a few sections so that each translator will be responsible for one or two sections. When the whole text is translated, the project manager will then take it to another professional translator for proof reading. This proof reading process ensures that the urgent translation is of high quality and also helps to standardise all the words or terms used in the translated text. Urgent translations are more expensive than normal translations because of the increased in number of translators doing the work. It is normal to have up to a 50% surcharge compared to the normal rates.
certified translation services
In order to make things even quicker, the client should send the documents needing urgent translations in electronic format. The translators will be able to translate quicker with the aid of Word, Excel, Power Point or PDF Viewer. These electronic formats are able to facilitate smoother coordination between the project manager and several translators. On the other hand, picture files such as .jpeg or .gif are not translator friendly. The final proof reading translator will also help to arrange all the translated text according to the original format before delivering it to the customer.

Certified Translations
If the document being urgently translated is an official document requiring certification, the clients will have to make sure that the translators working on the urgent translations are all certified translators.

Power of Attorney

When you need a little help making big decisions, a Power of Attorney form (also known as a POA) allows you to give  legal permission to someone else to act on your behalf. You can give someone the ability to write checks, sign official  documents or handle other legal matters on your behalf.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a written document in which an individual (the “principal”) designates another person (the “agent”) to exercise powers or perform acts on their behalf. When a Power of Attorney goes into effect, the agent acts for the principal. Although the agent has a duty to act in the principal’s best interests, it is critical that principals only appoint agents who they trust completely.

A Power of Attorney can take several forms. For example, principals can appoint a family member to handle all of their financial affairs if they become unable to do so, or only to sell a particular piece of property on their behalf if they cannot handle the transaction.


Anyone 18 years of age and older can create a Power of Attorney, but the principal must have capacity at the time that he/she reads and signs the document.



Affidavit Services

Need an Affidavit? No problem! A-DOCS, INC. are here to help you!

A written statement of facts voluntarily made by an affiant under an oath or affirmation administered by a person authorized to do so by law.
An affidavit is based upon either the personal knowledge of the affiant or his or her information and belief. Personal knowledge is the recognition of particular facts by either direct observation or experience. Information and belief is what the affiant feels he or she can state as true, although not based on firsthand knowledge.

Affidavits are used in business and in judicial and administrative proceedings.


Generally affidavits are used in business whenever an official statement that others might rely upon is needed. Statements of the financial stability of a corporation, the pedigree of animals, and the financial conditions of person applying for credit are examples of affidavits used in the commercial world.

Judicial Proceedings

Affidavits serve as evidence in civil actions and criminal prosecutions in certain instances. They are considered a very weak type of evidence because they are not taken in court, and the affiant is not subject to cross-examination. Their use is usually restricted to times when no better evidence can be offered. If a witness who has made an affidavit is not available to testify at a trial, his or her affidavit may be admitted as evidence. If the witness is present, his or her affidavit is inadmissible except when used to impeach the witness’s testimony, or to help the witness with past recollection of facts.

Affidavit for Immigration

In order to remove conditions on residence, the conditional permanent resident also needs to submit evidence that the relationship was entered in “good faith.” USCIS wants to confirm that the marriage was not entered into for the purposes of evading immigration laws.

These “letters of support” are letters written by people that know the couple and have first-hand knowledge of the relationship. The I-751 affidavit helps support other evidence that the couple submits to demonstrate that the marriage was entered in good faith and is a not a “sham” marriage.

The I-751 affidavit is not mandatory, but it strongly suggested by many attorneys. Affidavits are most useful when the other kinds of proof of the bona fide marriage are weak and possibly insufficient.

Affidavits are also used as evidence in ex-parte proceedings such as a hearing for the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order or an order to show cause. The expeditious nature of such proceedings is considered to substantially outweigh the weak Probative value of the affidavits. In addition, there is normally a subsequent opportunity in the course of litigation for the opposing party to refute the affidavits or cross-examine the affiants.

An affidavit based on the knowledge of the affiant is accorded more weight than one based on information and belief. When admissible, affidavits are not conclusive evidence of the facts stated therein.



The Benefits Of Certified Translations

The Benefits Of Certified Translations

Every time Competent Translations Are Crucial

Skilled translations in Brooklyn are essential even further and even further normally within just present-day globalising environment. Aside from the need of getting given a legal status, they also want in direction of be thoroughly suitable of class. Some of the information that normally include in direction of be translated and certified consist of:

– Naturalisation documents
– Beginning certificates
– Relationship certificates
– Protocols
– Levels
– Letters of purpose
– Patents
– Prison proofs
– Memoranda

Needs of Experienced Translations

A capable translation consists of in the direction of meet up with confident criteria. Simply because it is developed toward grow to be a absolutely prison document inside the target region, it consists of toward fulfill all the expectations fastened by means of the legislation in that region. As quickly as a certified translator signs and symptoms and stamps the record, it results in being lawfully valid. Very occasionally, for supplemental stability, they will be notarised as perfectly.

Of study course, the exact same requirements of capable translations will count upon the aim place. Within the United States, for illustration, a translation accomplished by means of a member of the American Translators Association will become qualified. In just Canada, translators want towards go through an ethics test within purchase toward be equipped in the direction of present skilled translations.

The Gains of Experienced Translations

While it is not usually expected towards consist of a translation qualified, it does comprise a great deal of advantages. Of program, the major benefit is the self confidence that the translation by yourself contain received is of substantial quality and accurate. Only, the interests of your place of work will be maintained and the high quality of the terms will not be compromised inside of any route, form or form.

Mainly because the globe is starting to be more and excess world, certified translations are turning into Really commonplace. This is correct for the two industrial and governmental demands. Excess and further more human beings, for instance, choose toward consider married abroad. The files that are vital in just invest in to be able in the direction of acquire married have in the direction of be legalised – even if they are within just the exact language. In the same way, the relationship certification after the rite is made up of in the direction of be legalised in the place the place oneself will be registering your romantic relationship. All this consists of to be completed as a result of those people who can present skilled certified translations. If this is not finished appropriately, the documents can turn into invalid, thus rending the wedding day null and void.

It is not specifically for weddings that this is important, of system. The other areas exactly where competent translations are popular point are the immigration and naturalisation processes. Information such as beginning certificates, ranges, and marriage certificates will all have to have towards be translated.

One particular of the biggest issues confronted by means of a skilled translator is that the felony wording can range greatly in opposition to one nation towards the future. For case in point, the words “birth certificate” can be rather different inside of alternative nations around the world, even in just people who chat the identical language (it can be “certificate of birth” or “confirmation of birth” for example).

About Us

A-DOCS, INC. specialize in language translation services in New York. We work with the most widely spoken languages: Spanish, German, Russian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew and many other languages spoken in Europe and Asia, The Middle East, North and Latin America.

We are proud to say that no other translation services in NYC can cover so many fields of activity that are covered by us. We offer certified translation of official documents, agreements, technical manuals and many other official papers. If you are looking for a professional translation agency, then you came to the right place. Our translations are used for USCIS, courts as well as for local and government authorities. 

A-DOCS, INC. guarantee strict confidentiality of all the translations that we perform. Our company proudly deliver professional and high-quality translation services for our clients very fast.

New York City never sleeps, so we know the value of our client’s time. Visit our office in Brooklyn and order your translation now. Our specialists arrange an individual meeting with each of our customers to discuss all the details and answer all the questions.  Every project is matched with a translation team that meets our client’s technical, demographic, and stylistic needs.

A-DOCS, INC. offer competitive rates for translation services to our customers. Most of the professional translation companies have extra fees for file analysis, translation memory management as well as hidden fees. A-DOCS, INC. offer lower rates and all of those services are already included in our FREE quote. Prior to translation, every file is analyzed for repetition. Any repeat sentence fragments are translated at a significantly reduced cost per word rate. Most of the time your savings will be as much as 50% of the total project cost.

A-DOCS, INC. compiled statistics demonstrate that over 99% of our clients are return customers. Their repeat business is a testament to our never ending efforts to provide the best client services. That is our main goal. We score it every day here in A-DOCS, INC. Translation and Document Services.


A-DOCS, INC. Translation and Document Services

Established in 2014, A-DOCS, INC. is a leading provider of translations and other document services. We translate and provide document services such as Apostille, Diploma Evaluation, Affidavits and Power of Attorney. 

At A-DOCS, INC. we provide professional translation services from all major languages: Spanish, German, Russian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew and many other languages spoken in Europe and Asia, The Middle East, North and Latin America.

When doing business with A-DOCS, INC. our clients get several important advantages:

  • High Quality, Professional and Certified  translations
  • Fast and Reliable service
  • Competitive rates
  • Confidential and Secure

Whether you need a certified, professional personal, business translation or any other document services, you can trust A-DOCS, INC. to process your translation order and provide you with the best certified translation services in New York.

At A-DOCS, INC. we provide clients with:

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