Sample of translated Birth Certificate

Birth certificate translation


BIRTH CERTIFICATE                                                          PARENTS:

Citizen Doe                                                                              Father Doe

Last name                                                                                Last name

John                                                                                         John

given name, patronymic                                                       given name, patronymic

Was Born on:   January 1, 1900, the first of                     Nationality Russian

month, day, year                                                                     Mother Doe

January, nineteen hundreds                                                 Last name

(in figures and words)                                                            Jane

Place of Birth: City, Village                                                   given name, patronymic

Moscow                                                                                     Nationality Russian

District Sokolniki                                                                     Place of Registration Moscow Office of Vital

Region Moscow                                                                       Name and location of the

And the record № 111 thereof was made in the                Records of Socolniki Executive Committee

Book of Birth Registration on  January 1, 1900                Civil Status Registration authority

Date of Issue   January 1, 1900                                              Russian Federation


Official Seal of the Office of Vital Records

V-AA  №  111111

Head of the Office (Bureau) of Vital Records