A-DOCS, INC. specialize in language translation services in New York. We work with the most widely spoken languages: Spanish, German, Russian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew and many other languages spoken in Europe and Asia, The Middle East, North and Latin America.

We are proud to say that no other translation services in NYC can cover so many fields of activity that are covered by us. We offer certified translation of official documents, agreements, technical manuals and many other official papers. If you are looking for a professional translation agency, then you came to the right place. Our translations are used for USCIS, courts as well as for local and government authorities. 

A-DOCS, INC. guarantee strict confidentiality of all the translations that we perform. Our company proudly deliver professional and high-quality translation services for our clients very fast.

New York City never sleeps, so we know the value of our client’s time. Visit our office in Brooklyn and order your translation now. Our specialists arrange an individual meeting with each of our customers to discuss all the details and answer all the questions.  Every project is matched with a translation team that meets our client’s technical, demographic, and stylistic needs.

A-DOCS, INC. offer competitive rates for translation services to our customers. Most of the professional translation companies have extra fees for file analysis, translation memory management as well as hidden fees. A-DOCS, INC. offer lower rates and all of those services are already included in our FREE quote. Prior to translation, every file is analyzed for repetition. Any repeat sentence fragments are translated at a significantly reduced cost per word rate. Most of the time your savings will be as much as 50% of the total project cost.

A-DOCS, INC. compiled statistics demonstrate that over 99% of our clients are return customers. Their repeat business is a testament to our never ending efforts to provide the best client services. That is our main goal. We score it every day here in A-DOCS, INC. Translation and Document Services.